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Sunday sermon- July 2nd 2023: Mental Wellness

Updated: Jul 11, 2023

Dr Femi

Sermon preached on the 9th of July 2023

Main Text 2 Timothy 1:7

Ways to Keep a Sound Mind as a Parent

  1. As parents, be a good role model and teach your children healthy habits. To do that, you must have healthy coping skills to manage stress and life.

  2. Keep your communications open and honest in your relationships

  3. Create routines and set clear boundaries

  4. Let your children know they are loved by telling them with WORDS.

  5. Talk about feelings and emotions more often and take the time to listen to your children’s responses

  6. Encourage connections between your children and their peers

  7. Practice eating together as a family at the dining table. Do you realize it is the family time we have lost in this society because of the hustle and bustle of everyday life?

  8. Watch out for behavioral changes, verbal and non-verbal clues

  9. Set realistic goals for your children and work on it with them

  10. Do not keep quiet when you notice warning signals. Seek professional help

Warning Signs in Children

  1. Decline in school performance

  2. Poor grades despite strong efforts

  3. Worried overly and suddenly getting anxious

  4. Sudden refusal to go to school

  5. Getting restless

  6. Persistent nightmares

  7. Temper tantrums much more than usual

Do not ignore their feelings when they talk about things that make them sad and empty. As parents, couples or young adults, you also need to pay attention to your mental health in order to maximize your potential.

ntitlement attitude. Be specific on your thanksgiving. Gratitude helps you to validate your partner

Tips on keeping a good mental health

  1. Stop overanalyzing things

  2. Do not stick to the past. You have a future to walk into, so leave the past behind. Ask for God’s help to renew your mind

  3. Learn to appreciate and work with your partner/colleague

  4. Limit third person’s principle. Avoid seeking other people’s opinion in your relationship matters. You can kill your dreams by saying them out

  5. Maintain healthy and regular communication

  6. Spend quality time in church

  7. Don not put things over your family

  8. Practice forgiveness

  9. Learn to express gratitude and take out e

Negligence on Mental health leads to

- Sadness

- Anxiety

- Fights

- Depression

Signs to know your partner needs a mental health break

  1. Excessive emotional responses

  2. Confused thinking

  3. Social withdrawals

  4. Sleep difficulty

  5. Constant complaints of pain in the body with no tangible medical diagnosis evident

  6. Difficulty in completing tasks

  7. Suicidal thoughts

You can be a savior to someone. Learn to listen to people and be intentional with consistent follow-up. Do not give up on them. Prayer is a major weapon for maintaining your mental health

Did you know that 70-90% mental health related cases are able to recover enough to be able to function back at their baseline? Why not seek counselling and therapy from a profession and discuss both medication and non-medicated ways of recovery. Do not die in silence

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